Tuesday, 18 April 2017

One week to go.

I've said this a million times over the past few months but I can't believe how quickly our wedding is coming round. We got engaged in January 2016, booked the wedding in March 2016 so it has been quite a quick engagement but nothing has prepared me for this actual time leading to the wedding. Up until around 6 months ago it was still feeling like some distant dream that would never actually happen.
I still feel like I can't actually picture myself moving around a wedding reception as the bride, something I've watched people do and wondered what it's like many times. On the other hand, I've been ready to be this dude's wife basically since the day we met. (Soz lol).

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Life lately, in verbs part 2.

I can't believe it's April and I haven't written a blog post yet this year. I want to make this a catch up post but give it a bit of structure! I've done a life lately in verbs before and the original concept comes from Rosie :)

Feeling:: very strange. We are now just over one week out to ~the big day~ and in myself I haven't felt stressed however I've cried at work a few times and had some 'coming down with something' type symptoms for the past 2 weeks. I left quite a bit of the stuff I have to diy for this weekend and I would not recommend. Spread stuff out people. 

Writing:: an essay! What an idiot, this is a bit of an explanation for why I've been so absent. I decided to do a uni course with the exam and essay deadline in the same month as my wedding. I've been super fun to be around. 

Reading:: books by women, incidentally. I like to follow what I've been reading on Goodreads and bar one book so far this year I've been reading books exclusively by women. I've decided to try and maintain the trend. My fave so far has been Letters to my Fanny by Cherry Healey. 

Listening:: podcasts. I started off when everyone else did with podcasts by listening to Serial then kind of forgot about podcasts for a while. I can't remember what started it but I decided to start listening to the Woman's Hour podcast when walking Charlie and since then found a few that I've really enjoyed! It feels like I'm doing more for myself ~education wise~ than just listening to music. 

Eating:: bloody everything. I had my final dress fitting and then ate takeaway 3 times in one week. Normally I don't care about putting a bit of extra weight on around Christmas and easter etc as it usually balances out over the next few weeks. However this time, the wedding is single figures away and my goodness it feels strange to have such a snug fitting dress. You don't realise your clothes don't *fit* until you have something that is 100% fitted to your body. Strange concept. Don't worry, my dress will fit as everything people say about the stress keeping your weight stable/ making you accidentally lose weight in the weeks up to your wedding is true. Bodies are weird man. 

Buying:: bikinis! I have never in my life worn a bikini, isn't that a sad concept at 25 years old? I have been too self conscious to wear anything more revealing than the tankini I had at 10 years old until now. It feels stupid to say now and it makes me a bit sad but I've bought some killer bikinis for our Scottish mini moon (hello hot tub on the roof) and I'm looking forward to having some time alone to get used to wearing them before going full public with me bod. I say that like posting pics of myself in them on twitter isn't public ;) 

Yet again, ending a blog post with the whole 'hope I don't leave it so long next time' line again but I really don't. Thank you to Charlotte for giving me the kick up the bum I needed to get writing again. Unless there's a blog post between now and 26/04/2017 I reckon I'll have a pretty special day to update you on next time ;) 

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Meet Charlie: Adopting a greyhound.

Meet Charlie! He's our new 4 year old ex racing greyhound, he's been living with us for about a month now and I decided to write a little bit about the process of adopting a greyhound as well as our experience so far.  
Sam and I have lived together for a year and a half and we've always known that our home wouldn't feel complete until we got a furry companion! I promise we actually do like each other, we didn't just sit pining whenever we were alone in the house. ;) In October we started frequenting our local greyhound rescue website and allowed ourselves to think of the what ifs. On November 17th we got the approval from our landlord and on 30th November Charlie came to live with us! 
The process for me, as an anxious person, was nerve wracking every step of the way from landlord approval to picking Charlie up! 

How it worked for us:: 
::We spoke to one of the ladies who works for the greyhound charity who asked us a few questions about our lifestyles such as working hours etc. Once she was happy that there were no red flags we could arrange to meet some dogs! (We thought there was a red flag when we said we both work full time+ hours but I get to come home for my lunch so Charlie isn't ever alone for more than 3-4 hours).
:: We arranged to meet Charlie who was the dog on the site that had really caught our eye, the Dumfries and Cumbria charity is unlike a lot of them in that they don't have a premises, their dogs are usually fostered in homes or staying in boarding kennels. 
:: After deciding that Charlie was the boy for us (and us for him, he spent nearly our whole visit leaning on one or the other of us!) we had to arrange for a home visit. This was again, so nervewracking for me as I'd really set my heart on charlie and I was worried the rug would be pulled from under my feet! All they were worried about is that he wouldn't be able to escape (high walls in the yard) and there were no secret children or pets that we hadn't disclosed! It was in this visit that they also asked about vets we planned to use and what insurance etc we would get. I've heard lots of stories about rspca and the like being so scrupulous with home visits, looking in cupboards for un-dog friendly items and things but it wasn't scary at all once we got into it! We just had some really good chats about greys and how we were so happy to give charlie a home for christmas! 
:: A week and some adoption fees later, he was home!! 

About Charlie: 
Age: 4, born August 2012. 
Racing name: Autumn Charlie (why? he was born in August!)
Likes: Walks, toys, stealing clothes and hoarding them on his bed, the sofa, Radio 4 (what he listens to overnight!), ear and belly scratches, the smell of pizza (he's never indulged!).
Nicknames: Charlie boy, Charles, Sir Charlesworth, Charlie Lemon Barley

Greyhound tendencies: LOTS. 
Roaching: as pictured above, he's done this a handful of times and it makes me so happy. 
The howl of death!: He had to have an antibiotic jab and he genuinely screeched for 2-3 minutes solid, luckily the vet knew about greyhounds and knew it was a greyhound panic attack!. 
Hoarding: He steals our clothes, socks, shoes doesn't steal them just keeps them close by!
Sensitivity: We've run around and play and I've patted his rear end pretty heavily while we were playing but if you raise your voice or speak sharply he will sulk, heaven knows what he'd be like having a tap on the nose! I don't think he'd ever forgive us!
Laziness: Charlie loves walking, we walk about 45 minutes twice a day with a few 10 minute outings through the day however he literally sleeps for the entire rest of the time bar when he's eating. 
Ex racing quirks: Charlie had never lived in a home before ours, he is petrified of the stairs, he was very confused by the TV to start with, he had never had a toy before! :( He knows what to do with toys now and has a little collection that he stores on his bed but the stairs are still a daunting mountain to him, it means we can go to bed without the need of a baby gate though so thats a bonus. Ear tattoos, Charlie has tattoos in both of his ears (poor thing) which are used to trace where he raced etc. We also have his passport so we knew all this info without his ink!

It hasn't all been plain sailing with Charlie so far, although he was completely house trained when we got him he's had a few accidents after having a nasty stomach bug and a UTI within the space of a week! Our chosen vet practice (who we love) must be very happy with our custom. Poor Charles couldn't booze up over christmas being on antibiotics!
Although I've had a few wobbles with being upset at how much he barks at other dogs we now can't imagine our home without him, he loves people and is so eager to please. We just need to get him socialised a little with other dogs as living in kennels means he only knows what greyhounds and people are, little furry things are for chasing only!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

My favourite (none bath bomb) Lush products!

I am a big Lush fan, huge. I know lots of people think it's overpriced, and I do admit that often it's expensive, however, I just can't stay away. I honestly think that very often for what you're getting the price is justified (if you'd have asked me if that was the case when I was a student I'd have said hell naw so I do understand each to their own etc).

These are my reasons for my love affair with Lush: I have fairly sensitive skin and don't like lots of chemical nasties in my products. I also like that you can trust the ethics of Lush, something which I've definitely paid more mind to in the last few years with regards to animal testing, and the last few months with my vegetarian-ish diet (i'm eating fish still at the moment but it's all a process in my eyes, I was a full blown, militant, trying to convert everyone veggie for a few years as a teen!).  Their products are honestly just good, they work! That's the main thing! 

Lush often gets the rep of just a place to buy things to have an indulgent treat yo'self bubble bath but their other products are just as good as their highly snapchat-able instagram-able bath bombs. These are my faves!


First off, just going to apologise for that bottom picture of the exfoliating cleanser, maybe it's just me but those shiny finger scoop marks are grossing me out. So yeah, soz. These are the only 2 cleansers I ever use for my mug.
 I use Ultrabland, which I believe amongst Lush founder and staff is like the *ultimate* Lush product,  to take off my make up. Grab a scoop and rub it onto a dry face then remove with a nice warm flannel. It removes all make up even waterproof mascara (albeit sometimes with a second go) and leaves my skin feeling hydrated but not greasy. 
Let the good times roll is more of a scrub which I use most mornings because it's so gentle. It uses polenta to make it a scrub, so none of those awful plastic beads that are polluting everything! It says to use it as a body scrub too however my purse strings tighten a touch at the thought of that. It's around £7 for this 100g pot but honestly you only need to use about a fingernail sized scoop for your whole face so it lasts a long time! I can't talk about this one without talking about the amazing smell, it's like cinnamon-y, butter-y popcorn and smells good enough to eat. Yum! (don't eat it  pls).
These are the only products I really use for my face, I think they're a good price for what they are and how long they last, I don't use Lush moisturisers as for me they're a bit more than I'm willing to pay for. 

Shower gel::
Unless you live near the Lush Oxford Street store you're not going to like me for this one, this is honestly the best smelling shower gel on the planet. It's an Oxford Street exclusive at the moment, sometimes it's not even available there and you can only get it in limited runs on the Lush Kitchen! I buy in bulk for both myself and my future sister-in-law every time it's on there. I actually asked my best friend to go into the Lush Oxford street store to get me this big boy 1kg bottle and I almost cried when she agreed and got me it. What a bae. This is, for me, the most soothing smell I've ever come across, I would love it in a perfume, it's comforting and cosy. Sweet but not sickly. I'm real good at describing smells, ahem. If you get a chance, give this a whiff and then use it forever more in your evening showers. 
They do also make a bath bomb in this scent which is available everywhere so you can indulge in the mega relaxation fairly easily. 

Winter saviours, hands and lips::

Helping Hands is a fairly new addition to my Lush collection and although in this photo it looks untouched I've actually used it everyday since I got it about 3 weeks ago! It seems infinite!  I had never really suffered with dry hands before even with being a nurse and washing my hands 100x a day, however this is my first winter working as a community nurse and the cold along with washing my hands 100x a day seems to have done it! For saying how thick and moisturising this is it sinks in really well, something I need when I have 2 seconds to put it on before driving on to my next visit. Just a great, does what it says on the tin, product. Nothing fancy. 
Honey trap lip balm is an old favourite and was actually the first ever product I bought from Lush. Unlike other petroleum based lip products (stay away!) this one actually moisturises your lips rather than coating them and making them feel slippery/moisturised but not actually doing any good! It doesn't leave your lips white and cakey either, rather settling to a slight sheen.  
The lip scrub, Sugar Plum Fairy, just happens to be the one i'm using at the moment. I've tried others and didn't much like the taste. These are basically just sugar scrubs to remove dry skin from lips then lick off (yum). 
This is the one product I've included in this post that id say probably usually isn't worth the money if you have 30 minutes to look on pinterest and make your own. I bought it in desperation because of horrendously dry and rough lips, it really helps with the mixture of scrubbing sugar and moisturising oil but as I said, unless you like a little luxury, make your own (there are loads of recipes out there) but for a treat, go for it. 

There we have it! My ultimate Lush products that aren't bath bombs, I hope you've enjoyed this post, let me know if you try anything that I recommended! I'm currently in the process of writing about our brand new (4 year old) adopted ex racing greyhound Charlie and our experience of the adoption :) So check back for that, he's reet cute. 

Saturday, 5 November 2016

October Round Up!

Oh, I did that thing again. I didn't blog for a month. It's been a very busy work month for all kinds of boring reasons and I'm still not very good at chasing myself and finding time for blogging. I thought I'd do a bit of an October round up / things I've been loving in my absence!

We posted our wedding invites!! October signified the 6 month mark until our wedding, when I look back at something from 6 months ago it feels like no time at all so I know it will come in so quickly now. I designed/mocked up our invites myself around a week after we got engaged to check with myself whether I could do it. I could! (there were a few design changes after that original 5 minute mock up!). We used printed.com to get them well, printed and I would highly recommend them. For some reason the files corrupted the first few times they were uploaded, causing a bright green border on the RSVPs! Instead of just carrying on and printing them which would have been a nightmare they called me and checked with me whether it was right as they didn't think it matched the rest of the designs. It just felt really personal that someone was checking through everything. We've received a few RSVPs back and it's so exciting building our playlist from people's requests!

Charlotte has made this brilliant blog to help people find their new favourite blogs, it's so great because I find it so hard to find blogs with a smaller following. I usually prefer these blogs because they're just a bit less polished and more personal. I've linked the round up above and this is the interview that I did, I felt like a bit of an idiot for being the only person to actually include recipes in mine but i hope if you try them you enjoy them!!

A big old change of a haircut.
A lot of people tried to talk me out of this haircut with it only being 6 months to the wedding, however, I have always been someone that has a fringe. It's only in this last year that I've managed to successfully grow out a fringe and keep it grown out for any length of time! I'm so happy with this change though and I'm sure I can figure a way to style it for the wedding. Ive basically given up on my eyebrows since having it cut and wearing not a stitch of make up day to day. It's kind of great.

Family visits. 
We had some family visits this month from Sam's fam and my future in laws and it was so lovely! We had a really nice day out in keswick, walking around, looking at the beautiful scenery and eating so much food. I had a vegetarian queasadila that I almost sent back because I was sure it had meat in it. It was very delicious but I'm not sure I enjoyed the uncertainty!!
We chose a great day for our visit, even though it was cold it was so bright and lovely. How lucky are we to live less than an hour from these views!

Absolute silliness. 

I don't know why but I feel like we have just had so many laughs this month. The top picture started off as me trying to get a nice selfie but I think these turned out so much better.
The bottom picture is proof that my personal training is paying off, we were kind of just messing around getting ready to go to the gym after work and I wondered (no idea why) if i could pick Sam up!! I honestly crack up laughing every time I look at this picture, Sam's face is hysterical, he looks so pleased. I'm also creasing up with laughter in the photo, if I hadn't been laughing so much maybe id have been able to squat while holding him up ;) I think this is a move that will have to happen on our wedding day ;)

I say this every time but I'm really going to try and keep up with blogging again now! I need to get back into practicing photography!!
Most of these pictures come from my Instagram which you can find here.
I'm also over on Twitter ranting out general life and talking about how much I love pizza.

Back soon!
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